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Jan 17, 2011

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Should Figure Skating Coaches Text Their Figure Skaters?

Should Figure Skating Coaches Text Their Figure Skaters?

Todays post is inspired from the Positive Coaching Alliances Ask PCA Your Youth Sports Questions

How comfortable are you with this scenario?

My 14-year-old sons travel hockey coach asked all the parents for the kids cell phone numbers and said he will communicate directly with the kids via text message about newly scheduled practices and games. I was the only holdout, asking the coach to continue e-mailing me and telling him he is not to have direct contact with my son outside of practices and games. The coach has refused to comply, and now my son is missing the coaches notices. What can we do?

Im with the mom on this one. Not only do I need to know about changes in practice and schedules, since Im the driver, but also Im nervous about the coach not keeping me in the loop. I dont mind if Ice Girls coach contacts Ice Girl directly about something skating related like, Remember to do fifteen off-ice jumps today. Thats completely helpful.

However, trusting in my daughter to relay information about a change in the schedule isnt a great idea. I love Ice Girl, but shes not what wed call a time manager. Shes lucky to remember her socks let alone remember that her lesson has moved from Thursday to Friday morning.teen texting at the mall

Not only that, but Im the parent. I know the master family schedule, not Ice Girl. She has no idea if thats the Friday that she has an early morning doctors appointment or if Im taking the day off of work to meet with Grandma for some family thing.

The adult texting thing can also be uncomfortable if its inappropriate. I remember an adult coach was texting in the lobby during the Zamboni break. Turns out he was texting his underage students about something social. To me, it was flirtatious and I asked him if the thought that texting like that was a good idea. Sure, why not? he asked me. Well, I said,people could get the wrong idea. I mean, youre 31 and shes, what, 16? It looks bad.

Around here, texting just made the news because a local female teacher was texting inappropriate messages to her underage students. She just resigned her position with the district.

How comfortable do you feel about your coach texting or communicating with your skater? Are you O.K. with it, do you want to be kept in the loop, or do hate the idea?

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