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Jan 19, 2011

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Protective gear for figure skaters

Protective gear for figure skaters

Today’s post idea comes from two readers from a basic and more advanced level of skating. Both are concerned about injuries and protection.

From reader Sk8er,JD

Id like to know if Ice Girl wears any type of head protection? I havent had any bad falls yet, but all it takes is one to change your life. The only thing that I could find that is specifically geared toward figure skates/ curlers is the Ice Halo. Its pricey for a headband, but in the grand scheme of things my head is priceless, lol.

Please let me know what precautions you take to prevent head injuries and if anyone out there has tried an Ice Halo or a homemade method of protecting your noggin.

From reader Dawn

Just wondering if you have any posts or recommendations on knee pads?  My daughter is working on her double axel and seems to have a continuous bruise on the outside of her knee.  I am concerned about the bone spur that seems to be building up.  Any suggestions?

Head protectionIce Halo

Thanks for the great questions! I’m unfamiliar with the Ice Halo, but I did look it up online. I have to say, it looks great. The big concern for coaches and skaters is that the protective isn’t in the skater’s way when they’re trying to jump or spin.

The Ice Halo’s site claims that the protective head band can reduce an impact force by 250G. For anyone who’s ever fallen and received a concussion, reducing the impact is a very real benefit to wearing one of these.
I can’t tell you how heavy they are, but the site claims that they’re lightweight. The $40 (CAN) price (plus shipping) seems reasonable, but again, I haven’t seen or experimented with these myself

Knee protectionhammer about to strike an egg

I tell you, Dawn, I’d be concerned, too. I know a coach who has a dent in her hip from learning her double Axel. She had a permanent bruise there for a year. When the bruise went away, it left a big dent that looks like the number seven and is probably one-half inch deep. The day that coach showed Ice Girl and me her dent was the day that Ice Girl decided that maybe butt pads weren’t so bad after all.

As far as knee protection goes, I’m really out of my depth here. I’m not aware of knee protection that won’t interfere with jumping. I’m hoping some of the readers do!

So, readers, are you familiar with the Ice Halo or other protective head gear for figure skaters? Do you know of any knee protection that a skater working on a Double Axel could use? Do you recommned any other protective gear for skaters? Please share in the comments!

Thank you to Sk8er,JD and Dawn, for todays topic.If you have a suggestion for a post youd like to read or a question for Ice Mom, feel free to e-mail me. As Dawn can attest, I get around to my e-maileventually! If you think your e-mail might be buried in my InBox, let me know! I love reminders really! If you have a huge dilemma, send that my way, too. Ill forward it on to the Advisory Board. E-mail me at


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