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Jan 26, 2011

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How Many Private Figure Skating Lessons Is Normal?

How Many Private Figure Skating Lessons Is Normal?

Todays question comes from reader Heather.

How many private lessons per week is “normal” for a seven-year-old figure skater? My daughter is serious about skating even at only seven. She will be out of Learn to Skate (LtS) soon (Free Style level). She has been taking two private lessons (25 minutes each) per week on top of practice ice working on more advanced moves than her LtS curriculum. I think we’re going to move up to three lessons per week when the LtS class ends. Is this appropriate or a waste of money? (btw, my DD will be in her first competition soon competing at “Beginner-Test Track/no test” level).

Thanks for the question, Heather. I think my answer would be:

number of lesson hours = desire for lesson hours one hour budget ≤ lesson hours x (lesson cost/hour + ice cost/hour)

the number oneOf course, I never apply these formulas, but I do think that having one lesson fewer than the skater wants is useful because then the skater is left wanting more instead of feeling satiated, or worse, overwhelmed. I also like staying within budget. After that, I leave it up to Ice Coach and Ice Girl. Ice Girl can have as many lessons as she needs or wants, as long as I have the money for it.

For me, its not a question of age; its a question of maturity. Some seven-year-olds need a coach with them every time theyre on the ice. If no coach is present, then the seven-year-old will skate aimlessly, stand in the Lutz corner and stare agape at the figure skater barrelling toward them, or act silly with the other seven-year-olds. Some seven-year-olds are more driven and self-directed. They can handle hour-long independent practices.

If youre anything like me, Heather, what is hardest is the sticker shock. Your kid is in Learn to Skate and youre paying maybe $100 for an 8- or 10-week session, coaching and ice time included. If youre really lucky, you might even have a free pass to open skate.

Heather, those days are nearly over. See that $100? Lets multiply it by four, six, or eight. Per month. Breathe, now, Heather. Youre going to be O.K. Really.

How many figure skating lesson hours/week are appropriate for a seven-year-old?

Two 7 1/4 signs next to one anotherWhat do you think? Is there a magic number of lessons for a seven-year-old? How do you figure out what the right number of lessons is for your skater? In your responses, please indicate how old your skater is.

Thanks again, Heather, for this post idea. Youll have to leave a comment about how you reached your decision and what number was right for your seven-year-0ld. Do you have a question for Ice Mom or a stumper for the Advisory Board? Do you have an idea for a post youd like to read? Have you sent me an e-mail and you think Ive ignored you? Send it again! Sometimes those little buggers get buried in the avalanche of good deals from Groupon, etc. (I know, I know: filter, Ice Mom, filter.)

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