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Apr 4, 2011

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The Curse of the Over-Committed Figure Skating Club Volunteer

The Curse of the Over-Committed Figure Skating Club Volunteer

Stop me if youve been to this figure skating club meeting before:

Someone: We need a volunteer to organize our hospitality room.

Over-Committed Volunteer: I can do that.

Someone else: We need someone to type up our club bylaws

Over-Committed Volunteer: I can do that.

Another person: Can you

Over-Committed Volunteer: Yes!

Still another: How about

Over-Committed Volunteer: Im up to the challenge!

person on the phone is stressed outRealize that Over-Committed is also making dresses, working full time, posting meeting notes, cleaning her house, cooking, running her skater from rink to rink, and sleeping every so often.

The problem is that Over-Committed struggles with the difference between I can do it and I have enough time to do it and still be sane.

I can speak firsthand to this problem. I am sometimes the Over-Committed Volunteer. In fact, I have been so over-committed that I have stopped blogging for a while. Im sorry. Ive been so over-committed that I stayed up for over 48 hours to complete a competition dress, put together crock pots for a competition, volunteer as a floater, and make sure my family had food at the house. Ive been so over-committed that a respiratory virus mutated into freaking pneumonia. Pneumonia. Im surprised I can even spell it.

A person erases the words "stress"Let me tell, you: the cure for the Over-Committed Volunteer is pneumonia. Need sleep? You wont have a choice. Need relaxation? Well, sleeps relaxing. Need a clear schedule? Nothing happens when you have pneumonia. Need a vacation? Youll have a week off of work, guaranteed.

So, when the Over-Committed Volunteer raises her hand for a third time, be her friend. Put your hand on her shoulder and your other hand in the air to do whatever it is she was about to take on. If she appears wild eyed and sleep deprived, ask if theres anything you can to to take something off of her plate.

If you are the Over-Committed Volunteer, allow me to be your cautionary tale. Its unhealthy to take on too much. You need sleep. No one gives you a trophy or a shiny medal for accomplishing more before 8 a.m. than most people do all day. Sure, that sense of accomplishment is hard to beat, but so is that sense that youve had enough sleep. Listen to your husband. Listen to your daughter. Listen to your best friend. Heck, even listen to your mother. If theyre all saying that youre doing too much and not sleeping enough, give scaling back a try.Someone's napping under that pillow

You could also try reframing your sense of accomplishment, too. Ive done more before 8 a.m. than most people do all day could be: I slept 8 hours last night like a normal human being. What an accomplishment!

How about you? Are you a chronic over-achiever? Are you unsatisfied to sit in front of the T.V. without a basket of socks to sort? Are you constantly in motion or are you content to take a Saturday afternoon nap? Do you know an Over-Committed Volunteer who needs an intervention? Are you in recovery? Tell me how its done.

Do you have a question for Ice Mom or a real dilemma? Do you have a suggestion for a blog post youd like to see? Send me an e-mail, but dont feel offended if I dont get back to you right away. Im still working on past e-mails.

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