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Aug 31, 2013

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But they were still private residences

The Ivorian women must be inspired by this beautiful initiative

Senegal: Birth of the collective << My husband is entitled to four women >>.

The fact may seem comical and incomprehensible but for a Senegalese society rooted in its Muslim values, nothing more
In Senegal a group of women of Muslim obediences has just carried on the baptismal funds an association < br> This is the collective, “my husband is entitled to four (04) women” group of married women who share the belief that in addition to them, each of their spouse entitled to three other women so that the wives do four under the same
These good women decided to “share” their men and intend to accompany their husbands in the fulfillment of their religion including the holy scriptures of the Koran that allow a Muslim man to take beyond Indeed, the Muslim religion allows the man, as far as possible, to take up to four people. In a Senegalese society with nearly 95% of Muslims, polygamy is a very important thing.

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