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Jun 30, 2014

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They canada goose outlet niagara falls were curious

Filth Machine

Canada Goose Coats On Sale When I first heard of this machine, that would take over my body, mind canada goose outlet winnipeg and soul, believed not the teller of the tale wasn possible and I thought canada goose outlet phone number it canada goose outlet washington dc a lie. However ego be forever my downfall, as canada goose outlet 80 off I was challenged to be canada goose uk site locked in the room only with the device, stay there for a night I would be bet ten thousand pounds if I was able to walk out two hours later. Something canada goose outlet jackets injected into my veins that changed me in ways I could never predict. My capacity to orgasm keeps increasing, the pleasure and the pain becomes canada goose outlet uk fake deeper and deeper need it more and more as I fucked and fucked harder and deeper. A pause canada goose stockists uk for a moment the machine also pauses in it deep enslavery of me. As I thought about such deep smelly enslavory so thoroughly and inhumanly forced upon me, I grew harder and harder still. I needed it and nothing would stop me making myself take myself into the deepest shit slavory I could. I touched the machine and I was his now before the bonds and shackles were even in canada goose outlet reviews place. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

cheap Canada Goose There are clever people in the world who can create such a machine, as it knows how best to fully enslave and torture me completely. It was canada goose outlet certainly designed to take me and break me to its will as the filth it canada goose outlet kokemuksia forces down me had been a hearts desire for years needed this to be forced canada goose outlet store montreal upon me and I never had the courage to allow it to happen. So canada goose outlet hong kong I can only thank the twisted mind who read me so well, who decided that he wanted me canada goose outlet mall desperate and tortured mounted deeply upon this machine. This was it had desired that I wanted to make canada goose outlet online store review myself want the deep desire to become a permenant total fucking shit canada goose jacket outlet store slave to an unfeeling machine that would simply pressure pump my mouth, my throat, my stomach, my arse and bowels full of the nastiest, more disgusting liquified canada goose outlet official rotted filth and sewage canada goose outlet ottawa that can be found whilst I was to be totally stretched without canada goose outlet price regard to my limits as I could never scream again. Oh god, the smell is filling my mind and if you were here you need this so badly, your mouth like mine full, stretched deeply with the smelliest grossest shit you or I could canada goose outlet paypal ever taste or imagine. It was sleek, and beautiful, built to be ridden upon and canada goose outlet sale it was obvious what goes where. To see it was to be insanely curious as canada goose coats uk to what it would feel like to put what just where. Bulbous shafts, with hollow cores would be what was to penetrate me. Little did I know that all my hearts desires would canada goose kensington parka uk flow through those xylum. Filth, diarrhea, sewage, rotted piss, all these would be now permenently canada goose outlet new york city pressure filling my entire body as I found myself being altered to taste and experience this more deeply, more vividly and canada goose outlet usa being canada goose shop uk made to feel every sensation as if it would last forever. My reason, it canada goose outlet belgium fled, and hid away soon to be canada goose outlet online uk forgotten as the machine was going to seduce my mind until I broke and become one with the filth fucking machine that was to become part of me. I didn know that in the very canada goose outlet buffalo air was something that changed me and continues to do so. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets I mounted this gorgeous canada goose outlet website legit horny beautiful machine, canada goose factory outlet vancouver so sensous and so wrong, so nasty and smelly. My cock fitted and canada goose outlet store toronto became clamped tightly in place, hard and ready to worship the machine the way the machine deserved. I franticly looked for the bonds to enslave myself deliberatly canada goose jacket outlet uk to the machine. This was it, I chosen myself to allow myself to be tortured machine fucked shit slave. I found the bonds of shaped steel. They canada goose outlet niagara falls were curious, as they had only one movement. That of locking and sealing. They could not be undone, canada goose victoria parka outlet for to try to cut me out would be canada goose outlet store new york to doom me. I pushed my limbs into the appropriate slots and felt the machine clamp me tightly to it, as if it too was desperate to fill me, fuck me, hurt me and enslave me to the filth it wished to pump me full of. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose uk shop The fucking began, slowly as the phalluses filled and expanded. The one in my mouth took care to painfully fill my mouth, and draw back to only my teeth when it pumped liquified shit into me hard. It would then reshape and thrust painfully down my throat, making me gag as canada goose jacket outlet toronto I tried to swallow the filth. I couldn spill the slightest drop, the machines design was so clever. It sealed my mouth to canada goose discount uk it phallus with an outer clamp, that was punched through my lips bolting them open and making a complete permenant seal that would ensure that nothing ever again would leak from them. Now my fate was sealed. I was permenantly locked into the filth fucking machine and I had chosen to have this done as I was desperate to make myself more and more desperate and desiring of needing this to happen reread this yourself as you will possibly find some or more or all of this story becomes something of canada goose outlet london uk you that makes you think of the worst of YOUR desires that you dare not make happen but you want to make yourself want to make happen. Some stories do that, this one did to me and now I am here permenantly enslaved to this machine that canada goose outlet black friday will keep canada goose outlet uk sale me alive forever eating the worst shit you could imagine yourself enjoying being forced to eat whilst being raped hard and deeply canada goose uk shop.

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